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You can claim for the following types of accidents
  • Work accident claims

  • Car accident claims

  • Whiplash claims

  • Trip and slip claims

  • Other public liability claims


Our Portuguese solicitor can assist you in making the following types of claims

  • Medical Negligence claims

  • Faulty goods

  • Holiday accident claims

  • Sports injury claims

How much compensation will I receive?

Generally speaking it is very difficult for our Portuguese solicitor to say how much compensation you are likely to receive for your personal injury claim without knowing the full facts of your case. Each case is different no matter how similar the type of injury or accident.


As your case progresses you will be sent to a medical expert who will advise on how long your injury is likely to last. The amount of compensation that you are likley to receive for your personal injury claim will likely be determined by the length it will take you to recover from your injuries.


Contact our Portuguese solicitor now for a chat about how we can help you make a claim for personal injury in Portuguese.

How Do I Claim For Personal Injury?

Our Portuguese soilicitor will assist you in making a claim that was caused by someone elses negligence. You will be able to make a claim for personal injury and any other losses that you have suffered as a result of the accident. This usually includes, loss earnings, if you have not been able to work and suffered a loss in earnings as a result of the accident, medical bills and more.

What can I claim for?

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We deal with all types of accidents such as:

  • Road Traffic Accidents

  • Accidents at Work

  • Medical Negligence

  • Tripping Accidents

  • Criminal Injuries Compensation Authoritiy