Why Make A Claim For Personal Injury

There are several reasons why someone may want to pursue a claim for personal injury.

During my experience as a Portuguese speaking Solicitor in London, one of the main reasons that I come across why people claim for personal injury is to recover loss of earnings that they have suffered as a result of their accident. It is usually the case that the injured person has taken time off from work as a result of their accident and if the injured person is not entitled to company sick pay then they are usually left out of pocket.

When someone is injured as a result of another person's negligence there are two types of damages that they can claim for. General damages, which is compensation for the injuries that they have suffered, and Special damages, which is damages for losses and expenses that they have incurred as a direct consequence of the accident.

For an example, if the person was receiving £250 per week after tax from their employers, and following their accident they received Statutory Sick Pay at the current rate of £88.45 per week. That person would be suffering a loss of £161.55 per week.

Providing a client can provide evidence, usually payslips, to show what they were earning before and after the accident our Portuguese speaking solicitors will be able to recover these losses from the defendant.

That's just one of the reason's to make a Portuguese accident claim with our Portuguese speaking solicitor in London.

Contact our Portuguese speaking solicitor now to start your Portuguese accident claim on 0203 206 1138.

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